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What do you do when your supplier does not take back your gas cylinders anymore? Or when the vendor is unknown? When the approval is expired? When very old cylinders are found on your property and nobody knows where they came from or what it inside? When cylinders are found during excavations? When cylinders contain unidentified products? When cylinders are found from illegal dumpings? When the contents is unknown?

BTC can take over this problem for you. We have many years of experience and have the capabilities to solve your problem in a correct, safe and legal manner in compliance with all applicable regulations with regard to handling hazarouds waste and transporting hazardous waste.

Handling waste gases and chemicals is a job for real specialists. BTC offers you 3 levels of full service. Please inquire which one suits you best.

BTC inventories and evaluates risks, packages and transports your hazardous waste in accordance with the appropriate guidelines and regulations. We are authorised and certified to store this hazardous waste, bulk it up, regenerate, recycle and treat it in an environmental friendly manner.

We treat gases, liquefied gases and liquid gases or mixtures thereof in any kind of pressure container. Known or unknown content.
EWC 140601*, 160504*, 160505, 160506*, 160110*, 200119*

Special cylinder cleaning service for gas companies. Please inquire for options and possibilities.

Emergency response services in case of incidents. Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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