Reclaim, regeneration and sales of refrigerants (F-gases) and extinguishing gases

Refrigerant Gases

Storage of refrigerants and halons

-In various types of packages 12 lit up to 900 lit,
-For third parties in Benelux and Germany.

Reclaim and regeneration of refrigerants

-Income control each package,
-Reclaim and regeneration,
-Mixing for optimum quality,
-Store in 900 lit drums,
-Resale of regenerated refrigerants.

Repackaging refrigerants

-Repackaging from large into small cylinders,
-Both virgin and reclaimed product,
-Disposal of refrigerants,
-Storage of refrigerants for disposal at third parties,
-Disposal of old packages.

Reclaim/recup cylinders

Reclaim / Recup containers

Extinguishing gases