Reclaim and recovery, re-use, disposal and sale of SF6

SF6, sulphur hexafluoride, is the most powerful and damaging of all greenhouse gases.

The Global Warming Potential of SF6 is almost 23.000 times more damaging than CO2’s. It stays active in the atmosphere for more than 3.000 years.

Due to these characteristics, special attention is given to SF6 in various global protocols (Montreal and Kyoto) and subsequent international legislation to control its production, distribution, recovery and re-use or disposal. SF6 can only be used in pre-approved applications such as circuit breakers. Recovery can only be carried out by registered and licensed personnel. Treatment of recovered SF6 can only be done by approved waste treatment centers with pre-approved methods of treatment.

Due to these same characteristics SF6 is the most ideal gas to be used as insulation in middle and high voltage circuit breakers.

BTC both supplies fresh and virgin SF6 in various packages (see also specialty gases) and accepts old, outdated and polluted SF6 for treatment. For this we can offer you a full service performed by BTC. Which includes emptying and purging of your installation, acceptance of the waste, correct packaging and documentation and treatment of the old SF6.

In case you are licensed to perform the work on the installation yourself we will be glad to provide you with the correct high pressure cylinders for collecting the recovered SF6 together will all necessary paperwork and logistics.