2016 – Start and finish expansion (double production site), increase  storagecapabilities, 2 new waste gas units operational, expansion filling capabilities,set up additional expansion environmental permit, halon bank theNetherlands relocated to BTC, expansion into SF6 and extinguishing gases business.

2015 – Finalisation expansion environmental permit, start up 2 new waste gas treatment units (mobile).

2014 – Feb. completion of new warehouse and office building, start expansion permit, start development natural H2S, first new type safety emergency container in use.

2013 – In Sep. a fire, caused by short circuit in electrical network destroys complete office building and warehouse. Dec.structural shell work completed.

2012 – Start production CH4S, start production gases in small packages, start new medical gas-and equipment line.

2011 – New factory in Eygelshoven operational, scrubber, regeneration units, finalisation development production of CH4S, set-up analytics.

2010 – Property bought for new factory.

2009 – Start production of CO 5.0 200 bar, set up first medical equipment line.

2008 – Opening hazardous waste depot in Enschede.

2004 – Conversion BT Chemicals into BTC B.V.

2003 – Finalisation Funballoon™ and depositing patent, start production in Belgium.

2002 – Founding BT Chemicals V.O.F.